Renovations…. we have all heard the horrors of renovating. Renovations ARE horrible. There is no other reality to it. You take your home, and your family lifestyle and you blow it all up with … renovating.

CoryAnna has done many home renovations over the years and we have determined that there is a certain way they need to be done in order to keep order and make the process less painful. We do not do small areas at a time. We only renovate complete floors at once or a complete home. We will not go in and do just a bathroom. By sticking to these rules we can assure that we can maintain happy environment throughout the renovation.

If you are planning a full home renovation, we will discuss and help with alternate accommodations for the duration of the project. You do not want to be living in the home during the renovation. The key to a successful renovation is having all the details worked out before any work begins, and, communication, communication, communication. We cannot stress enough the importance of communication. We will take your concept help you design your new floor plan and incorporate all your ideas and visions of what you want it to look like. Once this is complete and all necessary permits are secured, the work begins. As important as all these steps are it all comes back to communication.

At CoryAnna Homes, you have no salesmen. You will meet with Gerald and you will have constant contact with him throughout. We only do certain number of projects a year to ensure we can give you the attention that your home project deserves.

Please contact us if you want to discuss your home renovation, and have an on-site meeting and consultation.

We used CoryAnna Homes and Renovations and were very pleased with the quality and the professional service and attitude that we were given. They use respectful trades and when a issue came up it was dealt with a prompt response that recitfied the problem. I would recommend CoryAnna Homes to other. Thanks.
- Steve & Jenna