Custom Homes

Building your own custom home gives you the luxury of incorporating the options and features you want into the home. You avoid the costly changes orders that will hit you with the large track builders. In addition, a custom home gives you individual attention from your builder and allows you to build your dream home on the land and in the area that you desire or is now your home.

The cost of a new custom home will vary depending on the area you build in and the features you use. The cost of the land and the vicinity of the lot is the biggest factors  in your  decision, they will determine if it is economical for you to do a complete tear down or how much renovations you can do.

In the custom home construction industry, the total cost is generally broken down into three categories:

  1. Land Cost/Value: The cost of the existing home and the value of the neighbourhood.
  2. Hard costs: These are the fixed costs such as the trade's contracts that will not vary unless an item is added to the contract. The cost for a trade to complete their task is established prior to the onset of his work. For example, the framer will get $10,000.00, which is a fixed amount, or what we refer to as "hard cost".
  3. Soft costs: These are indirect costs that are not Labour or Materials, and will include such things as additional engineering, supply of temporary power, construction trailer and insurance.

CoryAnna will have a complete list of what the Hard and Soft Costs will be for your project.

We make custom home building a stress-free experience for you by managing every aspect of the construction process and guiding you through the option selection process, and, we keep a constant and open communication line with you throughout the entire construction process, to ensure you are up-to-date with any changes to the plans, dates, and budget.

CoryAnna often has land available.  And we provide partnerships on investment projects.

We used CoryAnna Homes and Renovations and were very pleased with the quality and the professional service and attitude that we were given. They use respectful trades and when a issue came up it was dealt with a prompt response that recitfied the problem. I would recommend CoryAnna Homes to other. Thanks.
- Steve & Jenna